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Brands i love

Yes We Vibe


My Yes We Vibe shoes give me ALL the HAPPY vibes.

Use my discount code HOLMES10 to get 10%OFF your order and HOLMESBOGO for buy one get one F R E E on ALL footwear.


My go to shoes - joining me on runs, hikes, and coffee trips. & Surprisingly they don’t lose any of their vibrancy even after being tromped through a rainy forest!

These are now my happy shoes. If YOU want your own pair of happy shoes there are literally HUNDREDS of unique styles to choose from on their website! I had such a hard time for choosing myself, but finally nailed down THE pair.


Good luck *Shoesing* your next pair 😂

Steamboat Coffee Company

Rocky Mountain girl meets Rocky Mountain Coffee.

There is NOTHING I love more than a GREAT cup of coffee. I consider coffee an actual food group & one of my greatest passions. Especially when it’s locally roasted to perfection right here in the high altitudes of the Colorado Rockies.

Every evening, I now grind some freshly roasted Steamboat Coffee Company beans & brew the most flavorful cup of coffee before heading up to watch the sunset with my husband. PERFECT ending to the day.

Bobby’s Blend- When I took my first sip of Bobby’s Blend - a medium/dark roast, I must admit I was nervous. It takes a lot for a coffee to truly wow me. But WOW was I happy with the rich and smoky flavors that hit my tastebuds. Coffee I could get excited about.

Best part? Become a member and get a first bag of your choice for F R E E as well as 15% off every purchase. Don’t forget how important it is to support small business - Now go get your first bag!

Treefort Lifestyles

STOKED to have my Treefort Lifestyles Travelers Trunks

Especially as summer enters, the snow melts, and the trails clear up for biking! FINALLY I have a place to securely hold my cell phone on mountain bike rides. It not only carry’s cell phones, but also securely holds credit cards, cash and anything else needed to keep me hands free on trails, travels & adventures.⁣

To all my fellow travel and adventure junkies out there, we need to be going #handsfree

Detox Supreme Tea 

You all know I’m down for a good detox

My prime goal is to keep my body healthy, fit, and functioning to the best of my ability. If there is a way I can optimize my body I am all over it!⁣

That’s why I cannot recommend Detox Supreme Tea enough. It’s completely natural and helps boost weight loss while simultaneously building immune strength! Composed of completely natural ingredients that help protect you from cold and flu year-round. Something that can never be underestimated especially during these times!!⁣
It tastes like soothing rejuvenation and I like to enjoy on warm summer nights with best friends over long chats. Add lemon for an extra soothing boost!⁣

Nordic Naturals 

OPTIMAL wellness.

Health, wellness, and fitness have been a lifetime passion of mine - so you all know I talk about it a LOT. I keep a fit physique and prioritize my wellness because that is how my body feels and operates best! BUT as I’ve previously touched on, wellness does NOT just consist of a fit physique! If we are to be truly healthy internally and externally, we NEED to pursue OPTIMAL wellness. This means also prioritizing brain, heart, and immune health. Nordic Naturals provides the perfect solution with the #1 Omega 3 supplement in the US! With its fresh lemon taste, and no artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives - it’s the perfect addition to any health routine. I know I’ve added it to my husband and my daily multivitamin routine! Because our brain, heart, and immune health is important to us. 

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