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The Dove Inn

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

A renovated bed and breakfast tucked away in historic downtown Golden brimming with old Victorian charm.

Welcome to my hotel, inn, and bnb series! I am proud to be featuring some gorgeous stays for travelers to consider as well as activities and towns in each local area! I hope you all enjoy.

The Inn

Ryan and I arrived at the Dove Inn and were immediately captivated by its elegance and old Victorian charm. My husband and my stay at the Dove Inn was a very needed escape from the world of confinement. We were thrust into quarantine a couple months after our wedding and were longing for a getaway. The Dove Inn answered and fulfilled all our desires for a romantic, dreamy escape. Walking up to the Inn we were greeted by a beautiful patio with flowers, benches, and tables. A lovely overhang stood on the patio with bulb lights that hung softly down. Upon entry to the house it felt as if we stepped back into time. The living room looked like it had been taken straight from an old Victorian picture, and the vintage ceiling fan was the most unique I have ever seen. We headed straight from there to the beautiful kitchen. There were delicious pastries and muffins from a local bakery set up near the coffee, tea, and kombucha bar. Yogurts, jams, granola, and juices were neatly placed in the fridge including directions for the continental style breakfast the following morning. Seating was arranged outside the kitchen much like a little Parisian cafe; and I have to say that it was the best Kombucha I have ever tasted. My cup kept mysteriously refilling itself throughout the stay 😉 From there we headed to our room, the Aspen Suite, another old Victorian timepiece, and I couldn’t help but squeal as I entered it! Romantic elegance welcomed us on every side! A gorgeous bed with a sophisticated canopy bedpost greeted us immediately with an elegant bathroom directly on the left. From there a short hallway led to an adorable living room complete with a love-seat/daybed, electric fireplace, desk, TV, and the most romantic bath I have truly ever seen.

Our Stay

After dropping our belongings off in our room, Ryan and I headed into town, which is only a minute walk from the Inn (I'll go into greater detail about this beautiful historic town below) We each grabbed our favorite foods, some chocolates from local eateries, and headed back to the Inn. We settled on the love-seat and enjoyed our delicious food choices while watching our favorite show on Netflix. I may have also snuck myself a little more kombucha at this point, and afterwards went to the patio for some evening coffee and a muffin under the soft glowing bulb lights. After our snack - we turned on the bathtub and set up our wine glasses and chocolate truffles while letting the warm water fill the spacious tub. It was perfect for two. We continued watching our Netflix show on the TV while enjoying some romantic truffles and drinks. After a long relaxing bath we tucked into the softest of sheets and enjoyed a very peaceful nights sleep. In the morning we woke up to local pastries, granola, and coffee on the porch. I may have also snagged myself another bath before checking out.

Historic Downtown Golden

The inn was located a minute walk from historic downtown Golden. We were only a short walk away from restaurants, shopping, coffee, ice cream, and slightly farther, a beautiful hike! Mountainous scenery surrounded us on all sides; and the town was filled with adorable boutique shops and local eateries. Ryan and I grabbed lunch at Café 13, the well-known café from which The Dove Inn obtains all their pastries. It’s so encouraging to the local businesses working with each other, right? Café 13’s avocado toast and iced americano was simply superb, but I have to say, all the eateries we tried in downtown Golden were superb. Pro tip? Grab your ice cream and chocolate from Golden Sweets - Your future self will thank you! When you reach the edge of town, there is a beautiful rushing river that flows alongside the mountain. Rafters can be seen traversing the river, as well as bikers on the beautiful paths beside it. Everyone in Golden seemed to be calm and at ease. Simply enjoying a gorgeous summers day. Local shop owners welcomed visitors to their stores. People walked too and fro with their dogs, and others sat at restaurants and bars chatting with friends and loved ones. To put it plainly, Downtown Golden is an escape from this world of insanity into a world of kindness, local hospitality, and warmth.

Safety, Cleanliness, and Social Distancing

The Dove Inn took our safety seriously in every form. The Inn was locked from those not staying inside; and we had to use a unique code just to enter into our rooms! They maintained excellent cleanliness standards in all areas of the house; and tables in the parlor were placed at least 6 feet apart. Each guest staying at the inn was quiet and respectful of each other’s space, privacy, and social distance.. Ryan and I felt safe and cared for, a luxury not overlooked in this current world.


Simply put, My husband and I were captivated by the elegance, luxury, romance and Victorian charm of the Dove Inn. I cannot rave enough on my adoration for this beautiful Inn, and its’ historic ageless beauty. Best getaway for my hubby and I since our honeymoon!

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1 Comment

Chris has really been wanting to stay here - I think we'll def try to go for our 11th anniversary in August. Thank you for your description! I felt like I got to enjoy it with you guys!

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